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Potential Problems in Settling Overspray Losses

Example #1:

I went to my car dealer and he said…This one ranks high on the list of criticisms which vehicle owners offer. Since dealers know very little about removing overspray damage by polishing, they tend to influence vehicle owners toward repainting. The best way to combat this argument is to demonstrate on a small area of a fender (i.e. perform a test spot). The vehicle owner cannot argue with a clean section of paint.

Example #2:

I went to my agent and he said…The casualty carrier’s agent can also lend to the confusion, as he desires to provide the best care of his policyholder, sometimes above and beyond that of the casualty carrier. Thus, he may offer to re-finish the vehicle if the casualty carrier does not. We explain to the vehicle owner or the agent that they are free to take that course of action, but they should not expect to seek reimbursement from the casualty carrier, because the repair by our polishing process is limited to a smaller amount of money.

Example #3:

My friend is in the body or detail shop business…Quite naturally, a body repair or detail shop, where abilities regarding overspray are limited to knowledge of electric buffers and harsh rubbing compounds, will be skeptical of a hand-polishing repair. We advise the vehicle owner that our process of cleaning overspray is not like that of a body repair or detail shop. Our expert hand-polish and overspray clay process does not and never has depended upon electric buffers or harsh compounds. Further, we guarantee our workmanship and are insured to protect the claimant, insured and casualty carrier.

Example #4:

My paint is too thin for polishing…We employ Mar-Hyde Paint Measuring Gauge #1099 which measures vehicle paint thickness, magnetically. This effective instrument quickly settles any potential disputes about paint thickness prior or subsequent to the repair by polishing.

Example #5:

I can still see specks you did not remove…For many years we have proved the existence of sub-surface specks which resemble paint overspray, but which are factory defects wherein the factory permits uncontrolled paint to settle in the finished of nearby automobiles. The vehicle manufacturers are aware of our ability to diagnose finish problems and never dispute our opinions, although local dealers will dispute us, until they discover we are correct. Our ability in regard to factory defects makes it impossible for a claimant to enlarge his claim beyond your policyholder’s responsibility.

Example #6:

Your polish changed the color of my fender…Anyone who has visited an automobile plant is aware the sections of automobiles are painted in different areas and assembled, often with slight shades of difference in the paint, particularly metallic finishes. We are aware of this procedure and are able to tell the vehicle owner in specific terms, where the  responsibility for this or any other factory defect lies.

Example #7:

Clean my upholstery and charge it to the insurance company…If the upholstery was damaged with overspray, we could clean it. No vehicle owner anywhere can show that he ever received more than he was due from any insurance company we have served. Further, no claims handler anywhere can show he ever received any form of gratuity from OVERSPRAY USA LLC. We do not buy business; we earn it by ably and eagerly providing a unique and useful service.

NOTE: Occasionally a claimant thinks of something new, but the vast majority of their arguments fall into classifications for which we have prepared to protect the position of the policyholder and the insurer. We are proud of our ability to screen fake and erroneous claims. Our company is established from past job references and word of mouth. With our good reputation, any adjuster is confident that when he assigns a multi-claim loss to OVERSPRAY USA LLC, he does not have to examine each vehicle because no claim will be processed unless it is bona fide. Also, it is a credit to our reputation that rarely does an insurance company asks what the cost will be, before the work is begun.


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