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This time the overspray claim occurred in Reserve, Louisiana.

Overspray USA LLC cleaned approximate 42 vehicles.


All painted surfaces, glass, chrome, rubber trim and molding pieces were cleaned, saving the insurance company a considerable amount of money. There were no abrasive compounds, harsh chemicals or electric buffers used in the overspray removal process of the vehicles.


The claimants/vehicle owners signed a pre-inspection and release form, therefore releasing the Insurance Carrier/Insurer and Insured of any further liability. All vehicles 100% cleaned with signed releases.


Overspray USA LLC eliminates the need for expensive repainting and/or property replacement. Overspray USA LLC is the most simple and least expensive solution for settling multi-claim overspray losses. Overspray USA LLC’s hand-polishing process can save your company money while satisfying your claimants at the same time. Overspray USA LLC offers years of experience in managing/handling multi-claim overspray losses, completing them to the satisfaction of both the Insurance Carrier/Insurer and the Property Owner/Claimant.

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