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"Settling an overspray claim is as easy as saying your ABC’s!”

Determine the loss by an inspection, preferably with the claims handler and Overspray USA LLC visiting the site of the loss concurrently, so the claims will be well fortified with a source of experience. If Overspray USA has not yet been called in, the adjuster should examine finishes and especially the glass, within one-foot distance of his eyes, feeling the surface as he examines. After a number of vehicles, building, machinery, etc... have been inspected, a pattern will appear, even though it may not be familiar to the adjuster. He/She is then prepared to discuss the overspray claim with Overspray USA.

B. Overspray USA’s inspection is much briefer because we recognize damages quickly and determine a course of action quickly. We advise the adjuster that the vehicles are cleanable, and await his/her approval to make arrangements with the personnel department of the company where the claimants are employed, or some other suitable inside contact, such as a union steward or job foreman. We request a list of claimants, in triplicate showing name, make of vehicle, and license number. We take one list, Insurer takes one list and leaves one with the inside contact to schedule how many vehicles per day we will repair, and provide him/her with bulletins to be posted spelling out in detail what they will receive and the limitations imposed on their claims by virtue of the facts.

On the appointed day, we begin work and continue on a regular schedule until we have completed the overspray loss and have taken signed releases. We calculate the number of vehicles that Overspray USA repaired by hand polishing, prepare a single billing and deliver the billing to the adjuster, usually by registered mail, because of the releases. We are paid by one draft. We advise the adjuster by the same letter, of the remaining claims to be settled, and the settlements we recommend or could not clean, and the reasons for each amount recommended. Normally all claims 100% cleaned with signed releases.

D. The method outlined above is typical of the majority of multi-claim overspray losses. Some losses are more complicated than others, or require a slightly different approach, and we work with the adjuster according to the wishes of his/her company, with certain limitations. For example, we do not inspect each vehicle and establish a cost on the repair of a particular vehicle so the adjuster can write drafts to the claimants. We will travel anywhere and make free inspections, establishing a cost per vehicle reasonable enough to maintain a cost prior to the repair, regardless of the amount or fairness of the cost, just so they can write drafts and get it over with. That system has many weaknesses! Trying to get a claimant to release a draft with his/her name on it is beyond the call of duty.

When control of the situation is lost many claimants would rather have cash than a paint overspray removal repair. That is their right and we have no objection to it after all potential repairs are completed. But if the repairs are not completed, other claimants become indecisive (usually expecting much more cash than what the cost per vehicle amounts to) and the repair schedule limps along inefficiently. We are frankly adamant that no claim handler will use us as a source of cost information for a repair in which we excel and where he/she has no other repairer who will support his/her cost position, and then force us into a position where we are competing with the influence of cash. Overspray USA’s main goal is the fact that we are ably striving to protect the insurer, and thereby earn, and deserve the insurance company’s cooperation and support regarding cost and payment.

Remember: “Quality is not Expensive, It’s PRICELESS!”


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